Brian Kelleher Richter

Boundary-spanning Economist | Expert in Business, Economics, Political Science, and Public Policy

Dr. Suess on the political economy of taxation...


I am interested in understanding how economic actors respond to the institutional environments in which they operate—and study related questions by bringing appropriate statistical research designs and sometimes new methodological tools to bear on them.  My interdisciplinary research interests span political economy, non-market strategy, business and politics, corporate social responsibility, law and economics, corporate finance, international economics, and applied microeconomics.

A partial list of publication(s) and a partial list of working papers and work in progress follows.

If you are interested in my citations, please see my Google Scholar profile for up-to-date stats. As of October 2023, I had over 1450 citations, making me one of the top-cited academic researchers in the Business and Politcs space, among others.  


Working Papers

Work in Progress (Development Stages)

  • Lobbying and Procurement: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
    (with Christopher Cotton and Jeffrey F. Timmons)
  • The Value of Political Geography
    (with Joaquín Artés and Jeffrey F. Timmons)
  • Dynamic Corporate Social Responsiblity
    (with Robert J. Carroll and David M. Primo)
  • Coordinating Corporate Political Activity
    (with Adam Fremeth and Brandon Schaufele)
  • Gaining access: Evidence from Canadian lobbying data
    (with Christopher Cotton)
  • Others...

Shirking Papers (i.e. Dormant Working Papers)